Jamie Oliver Talks Dirty in Fan Video

September 25, 2011

Jamie Oliver takes on some suggestive subject matter in this fan video by YouTube user 80gumdrops. The video features creatively woven snippets from a cooking demo that, in their current form, show Oliver extolling the virtues of a certain sexual act.

As the video was originally a cooking demonstration, Jamie Oliver doesn't actually utter any language that's unsafe for work; it is, however, a bit suggestive. Check it out below:

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HUMMM............... not impressed with that at all.

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LAME! Someone clearly edited this and cute a lot out and made him look bad ON PURPOSE. IF any of you cook, you know this is missing a lot of dialogue and skips over and over. RUDE, LAME

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cut- not cute- typo

damn's picture

You sir, You are retarded.

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