4 Classic Tiki Rum Cocktails

June 26, 2011

Tiki cocktails are having a comeback and summer is a great time to try them out. These four classic tiki cocktails focus on rum and have many overlapping ingredients, making it easy to throw a tiki-themed cocktail party without having to completely restock your liquor cabinet.

Mai Tai
Sugary juices have become the bar staple, but a traditional Mai Tai is fresh with various liquors and a hint of lime to show off the dark rum.

Watch out for this one! The liquor mixture can be brutal and turn you into a brainless brain-eating monster.

Pina Colada
While perfect for dessert, this doesn't have to be a cloying drink: use unsweetened or fresh pineapple juice to balance the coconut cream.

Planter's Punch
A basic recipe for Planter's Punch lets you play. Do you like orange? Add some orange juice or orange liqueur. More of a pineapple person? Go for it!

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